Combine Walking with other courses


Combine Walking and Massage therapy

Combine walking with creative writing

Walking and a range of cooking courses

Walking and Flamenco dancing lessons

Or try something different with a bonsai tree cutting course!

Combination Walking Tour Holidays

Competa Hikes uniquely offers its own accommodation and wonderful Spanish Finca site, our walking lodge, with 14,000m2 of pine trees and grassland around the finca properties. Our extensive grounds, and the numerous seating areas and hammock/relaxation decks, dotted amongst the trees, enables us to offer so much more than just a walking holiday for those who wish to combine walking with an additional activity throughout the week. We also offer a cabin as a library, conference room and teaching room for indoor lessons. Our combination holidays include:


  • Walking and Spanish language course
  • Walking and Creative Writing
  • Walking and painting courses
  • Walking and Yoga/meditation retreat
  • Walking and massage therapy courses
  • Walking and Spanish/Moroccan/Andalusian cooking courses
  • Walking and Flamenco dancing course with Latino drumming lessons included
  • Walking and Sculpture courses
  • Walking and Bonsai Tree cutting courses
  • Walking and Medicinal herb classes – including how to build your own medicinal herb garden
  • Walking and ‘learning emotional intelligence’ classes

For more information, Please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you